Club Programme 2022-2023

Northland SIXES results

New Bowler Champions

Ladies Runner up Lorraine Davies, President Barbara Pengelly & Winner Carol Clark
Mens Runner up Rob Webber, Terry John & Winner Geoff Wheeler

Ladies Junior Singles Championship

Championship winner was Sue Belin from Fran Waterhouse 21-9 with President Barbara Pengelly

Junior Ladies Pairs Championship

Querida Smith, Ally Connery (runner up) —- Jill Aitchison, Marie Reid (Winners)

100 UP Championship

Sybil Crook (Runner up) Sue Wightman (Winner)

Junior Championship

John Parker with James Emslie
James Emslie, Bruno/Coach/Marker & John Parker

Mens Champ Fours

Winners-D. Frame, P. Freeman, A. Colliar & T Gowie (s), (R. Henson, P. Wightman (s), J. Parker & T. John)

Ladies Fours Champs

Champions & Runners up

Centre 1st Year Singles

Our first year entries

Our Champion on left – Lorraine Davies 1st, 2nd & 3rd

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