Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 22nd May 2016 at 9.30am


Present:  Len Bird, Len Lawrence, Ivan Andrews, Malcolm Davey, Keith Blincow, C Shepherd,         Doug Somers-Edgar, Alf Smith, John Anderson, Terry John, John Crocker, Jim Colvine, John Ballard, Ross Hollingsworth, Dundee Henwood, Ron Heaton, Ash Gibbs, Gerry Mulligan, Allan Stebben, Wayne Neal, John Wintle, Glenn Jones, Ray Hynes, Colin Pierce, Wayne Williams, Neville Franks, Keith Mitchell, Paul Freeman, Rob Cleaver, Tony Cornish, Tony Heath, Colin Wintle, Tom Agnew, Ted Tuffey, Graham MacKenzie, Phillip Wintle, Murray Heaton, Robin Johnson, Ross Riley, Gary Lane, Greg Lawson, Ken McLeod, Neil Hibbert, Carol Neal, Colin Neal, Charles Tutt, Brian Wright, Ross Burrows, Jerry Pilmer, Paul Dougan, Ray Aitchison, Paul Whiteman, Adam Booth, Leigh Hunt, Fred Swney, Graeme Brockelsby.
Apologies: John Innes, Dave Frame, Rob Anderson, Graham Egerton, Tony Hollaway, Graham Leonard, Ray Greening.
Minutes of the 2015 AGM
Taken as read. Confirmed as a true and accurate record. Charlie Tutt/Tony Heath
Matters arising
Presidents Report
This was read by Dundee Henwood and acknowledged by all present.
Financial Report and Proposed Budget/Auditors Report
Presented by Carol Neal and moved by her that the financial statements be accepted, following a couple of small clarifying aspects, the motion was passed unanimously.
Carol Neal/Jim Colvine.
President’s Honorarium
It was moved /seconded and carried that this will remain at 100 jugs for the next season.
Paul Freeman/Allan Stebben
After discussion it was recommended that the current fees remain the same for the upcoming year. It was also moved that whilst our fees remain the same, capitation fees for the 2016/2017 season are unknown. If any significant adjustment to that fee is required, the incoming committee has the right to make an adjustment.                  John Crocker/Ross Hollingsworth
Election of Patron
It was moved/seconded and carried unanimously that Len Lawrence be appointed patron
John Ballard/Ron Heaton
Election of Officers
Prior to the election, Carol Neal withdrew her nomination for position of Treasurer, leaving this position vacant.
The following officers were then elected for the 2016/17 season.
  • President Ross Hollingsworth
  • Vice President Allan Stebben
  • Secretary no nomination received, position now vacant
  • Treasurer no nomination received, position now vacant
  • Club Captain Ron Heaton
  • Chairman of Match Committee Jim Colvine
  • Executive Member Noel Howard
  • Executive Member Tony Cornish
Elected (uncontested) for the following Non Executive positions
  • Coach Allan Stebben
  • Green Superintendant Colin Neal
  • Selector Neil Hibbert
Ron Heaton then moved a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee and thanked those members who were not standing for re-election.
Nominations for positions on the Mangawhai Club:  1 person to be selected
  • President Judy Kennedy
  • President Colin Wintle
Prior to the ballot, both candidates were given the opportunity to speak to the meeting.
As two Nominations were received for this position, a ballot was required to select one candidate and as a result Colin Wintle was elected for this position.
Moved Ron Heaton/Neil Hibbert that the voting papers be destroyed
Discussion was raised regarding the nomination received for the position of Vice President which is currently held by Colin Wintle. A nomination had been received for the position of Vice President of the Mangawhai Club. Ron Heaton told the meeting that, at the time the nominations closed, the position of Vice President was not available and so nominations were not called for this position. Therefore this nomination was invalid. Colin Wintle offered to resign as Vice President, but he was told this would not alter the situation at this point in time.
Jim Colvine spoke and considered that it would have been unfair, as other members have not had the opportunity to consider putting their name forward for this position.
A lively discussion ensued, and it quickly became apparent that much of the problem arose from the constitutions of Mangawhai Bowls Inc and the Mangawhai Club. Ron Heaton called for a total review of both constitutions. With new legislation coming for Charter Clubs, our Constitutions would have to change. Malcolm Davey emphasized the necessity of the three clubs (including Mangawhai Women’s Bowls as well) getting together to resolve constitutional issues before involving any lawyers.
Ron Heaton explained why we could not vote or call for nominations for the position of Vice President at this meeting. The rules as set out under the terms of our constitution, are clear as to how a nomination can be considered and it is these rules that we must follow. He then explained that with Colin Wintle being elected to the position of the Mangawhai Club President, he would have to resign in writing. This would then create an “Extra-ordinary vacancy” which would then allow the incoming committee of Mangawhai Bowls Inc to call for nominations.
Colin Wintle then thanked Carol Neal for her contribution as Treasurer over the last 10 years and Dundee Henwood for his as President over the last 4 years.
Committee Members; 2 required to be selected from 5 candidates.
  • Paul Freeman
  • Ron Heaton
  • Robin Johnson
  • Graham MacKenzie
  • Brian Wright
As a result of a ballot by those present Paul Freeman and Graham MacKenzie were elected.
Moved Ron Heaton/John Ballard that the voting papers be destroyed
Notices of Motion
None have been received
Appointment of Auditor
Wayne Johnson who completed the audit of this year’s accounts, declined to be nominated for next year due to him moving away from auditing functions. As a result the incoming committee will have to appoint a new auditor. (Wayne did say that he was happy to advise on this matter)
General Business
Neil Hibbert spoke regarding the Tournament committee and proposed that a new group be formed as a management sub-committee to organize and run this for both the Men’s and Ladies clubs. This will be left to the incoming Executive/committee to consider.
Regarding the winter program, Jim Colvine said that help was required for the Monday Winter Bowls and the Tiger Turf Tournament. He noted that the women, who had run the Winter Bowls very successfully last year, had been criticized most inappropriately and so had withdrawn. He reminded the meeting that all club activities are run by volunteers, who give up their time and t hat they deserve support.
Ross Burrows suggested that consideration be given to combining the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer and have this as a “paid position”. This will need to be considered by the incoming Executive/committee.
Inwards correspondence
Inward correspondence from Northland Bowls contained two recommendations from Hikurangi Bowling Club:
  1. That a new format be adopted for Centre Open Events and Junior Singles and Pairs
  2. That the Champion of Champion Events be discontinued.
Our delegate was instructed to vote against both of these proposals.
Moved Leigh Hunt/John Crocker
John Wintle suggested that the Centre’s program could be eased by the Junior Singles being run on the same weekend as the Open Singles and the Junior Pairs on the same weekend as the Open Pairs.
Adam Booth spoke as Centre Events manager, advising that apart from the ladies having low entries in some events, the men enjoyed this competition and he would like to see this competition remain.
There being no other matters of General Business, Ron Heaton proposed a vote of thanks, through acclamation for the contribution Carol Neal had given the club as treasurer for the past 10 years (this has already been mentioned by Colin Wintle) and also to Dundee Henwood for the 4 years he had presided as President of the Club.
Meeting closed at 12.03pm
Allan StebbenAGM 2016 Minutes