Mangawhai Bowls Inc
Minutes of Executive meeting held at 5.30 pm on 13 February 2017
 Present:   R Heaton, R Hollingsworth, A Stebben, J Colvine, N Howard.
 Apologies:   T Cornish, A Gibbs.
 Minutes of previous meeting 9 January:
Read and confirmed.                                                                        R Hollingsworth/A Stebben
 Matters Arising:
 Numbers and Rink Markers – not installed yet, A Stebben to chase up.
  • Rusting Shelters – P Wightman has consulted an engineer who recommended new shelters on A Green with half the frames from there saved.
  • Magical Mangawhai – in C Wintle’s absence, J Colvine to approach J Walker for progress report.
  • Web Site – A Stebben reported that not much was happening at present but more training would be given.
  • New Jacks – Appreciation was expressed for R Hollingsworth’s efforts.
  • Focus and Memo – R Heaton will again pick up the job of providing Club news to these publications.
Inward:    Molesworth Four Square – Invoice
                 IRD – GST return
                 Graham Mackenzie – shelter replacement.
Outward:      Thanks for sponsorship to Mangawhai Club, Helloworld and Rob Pooley
                     Thanks to Rose Andrews for the flags.
                     Membership return to Bowls Northland which showed 96 financial members.
 Moved that inwards be accepted and outward confirmed.                         A Stebben /R Heaton
 Treasurer’s Report:
The report was received and 6 accounts approved for payment.    N. Howard/R Hollingsworth
 Match Committee Report:
  • Club Championships results:
Fours – N. Franks, R Cleaver R Hollinsworth, D Henwood winners.
             G Wintle, C Shepherd, R Anderson, A Dickens runners up..
Singles – C Wintle winner, C. Shepherd runner up.
Pairs – C Shepherd, R Anderson winners, N Franks, P Freeman runners up.
Junior Pairs – K McLeod, Doug Somers-Edgar winners, K Blincow, K Stewart runners up.
  • First Year Singles – to be moved from 18/19 February to 18 or 19 March.
  • Centre First Year Singles – closes 16 Feb, A Stebben to contact our first year bowlers.
  • Mairangi Bay Visit on 1 March – postponed or cancelled.
  • President’s Invitation Fours – 16 visiting teams so far, Club entry sheet posted.
  • Poynton Visit – Saturday 18 March, J Colvine to get more details from them.
  • Next Year’s Programme – special meeting on Monday 6 March at 5.30 pm.
 General Business:
 A Stebben raised the issue of back-up when our greenkeepers were absent.
Moved:   “That this committee recommend to the Mangawhai Club committee that a back-up greenkeeper be sought to cover absences of Greenkeeper and Green Superintendent and that this committee are prepared to assist in the process.”
                                                                                                         J Colvine/A Stebben
  • Wilf Benfield Memorial – Club will support whatever is decided by the Mangawhai Club and Family.
  • Congratulations to R Heaton, R Hollingsworth and M Heaton on winning the Junior Hagger Memorial Trophy.
  • Minutes of constitutional review meeting received from Mangawhai Women’s Bowls.
 Next meeting Monday 13 March at 5.30 pm.
 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 6.45 pm.
Allan StebbenFeb 2017 Minutes