Mangawhai Bowls Inc

Minutes of Executive meeting held at 3.30 pm on 14 August 2017

Present:   G Mulligan, R Aitchison, A Stebben, P Wightman, R Hollingsworth, N Howard,

J Colvine.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Moved that they are a true and correct record.

R Hollingsworth/N Howard

Matters Arising:

  • Shelters – Still no reply from the Mangawhai Club.
  • Have-a-go Day – To be held on 26 August.
  • Business House Bowls – Organisers: R Aitchison and John Bottomley with Neville Franks and John Ballard. Starting date to be announced.
  • Constitutional Change and Lease – G Mulligan has sent email to the Mangawhai Club Executive in accordance with the motion that was passed. No reply has been received.



  • IRD – Return
  • Hospice – Thanks for donation from the Charity tournament


  • Mangawhai Club – Email from G Mulligan (see above).

Moved that the inward be received and the outward confirmed              A Stebben/N Howard

Financial Report:

 Moved that the Financial Report be accepted.                                 A Stebben/R Hollingsworth

Moved that the accounts be approved for payment.                        A Stebben/R Hollingsworth

Membership:  Michael Germann – clearance being sought from Maungaturoto BC.

Match Committee Report:

  • Winter Bowls – Turnout has been good despite the weather.
  • Club Handbook – Proofs have been received and J Colvine has submitted a list of amendments.
  • Northland Booklet – N Howard has submitted amendments for our page.

General Business:

  • Bowling Trophy – Donated by A Stebben. Base for trophy made by Jerry Pilmer.
  • Have-a-go Day – A Stebben has prepared flyer and arranged its distribution. He and Jane Walker will organise the day with help from Sue Wightman, Jan Hollingsworth, Ron Heaton, Gerry Mulligan and anyone else who is prepared to help.
  • Amalgamation with MWB – Very positive first meeting. Ideas are being sought from Kensington and Browns Bay.  Lawyer advised that Mangawhai Bowls Inc. must stay in existence for retention of lease and sublease.  Next meeting: 21 August.
  • Use of Green – R Hollingsworth reported that Jamie Adkins wishes use of a green for a party of 20 on 28 October.
  • Club Census – A Special Executive Meeting will be needed to deal with this.
  • Centre Opening – On 3 September. R Hollingsworth and A Stebben to attend.
  • Bowls Sign – Do we need a new, bigger sign? Think about it.
  • Advertising Signage around Greens – Apparently the Club is not collecting the annual sponsorship for these. The following motion was put and carried:

That, if the Mangawhai Club is not doing anything about sponsored signage, the Bowling Club should do it and keep the sponsorship.                                P Wightman/R Hollingsworth

 Magical Mangawhai Tournament – R Hollingsworth reported a $600 profit.

Misgivings were expressed for next year.  The dates allocated (11-13 May) are too late in the season.  The present organising committee is withdrawing.  The original concept (a flagship tournament which would attract elite players) has been lost and this is emphasised by the mufti dress code.

As the tournament is a joint venture, R Hollingsworth undertook to discuss its future with the Exec. of MWB.

  • Group Bookings of Greens – Coordination with MWB needed to avoid clashes.

 Next meeting:   Monday 11 September at 3.30 pm.

Meeting closed at 4.40 pm.

Allan StebbenAug 2017 Minutes