Did you know this was possible !!!!

Wayne Price says One in the Bull & Two in the 25 ???

Guess who ????

Did You Know – Aussie Bowls Newsletter LINK available under LINKS !!

Did you Know – “CRAYOLA” Chalk works on our worn Boards ???

Recommended by Bob Walters, a Club member from “Bowling Supplies”  !!!

Did you Know – “KIWI” Keith Stewart – “New Bowler” beat John Dunn “with 40 Centre titles” in the Centre Singles, What a great achievement !!!!!

Did You Know – Neville Franks alias “Blocker”, Rob Cleaver, Ross Hollingsworth & Dundee Henwood won the Club Champ Fours !

A great effort !!!

BLOCKER’S shout !

blocker blocker1

Did You know we have a Centre Fours Championship winning Skip with ONE good arm ????  Doesn’t that seem odd !!!!

Did you know !!!

Charlie Shepherd “MAY” get to read his long awaited singles speech yet ????……..  Unfortunately Charlie had a huge battle, however was runner up, still a good performance.  Speech will have to wait Charlie !!!. Charlie had to wait no more !!! – 2021-22 season


Two top players turn up in their whites too late to enter the Men’s senior Pairs Championship !! (The draw had already taken place)

(Secret is …. turn up early or put your names on the entry form on the Board prior to the day !!!!)

Allan StebbenDID YOU KNOW ????